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on Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:13 am

Before the words get ended with a point, they begin by it. The point it's just a point, but without it the words lose their meaning. And point.

Welcome to our Basketball Academy message board forum, home of the world's most dedicated basketball fans. Reading is fun, but being involved is way better! Make us your online basketball home! Take 20 seconds to register a username, then dive into the forum board talk and discuss the latest news, rumors, games and everything else happening in the basketball world. It's competely free. Register a nickname using a real email address (which is kept private) and your account will be automaticly verified! IMPORTANT: If you register, you should IMMEDIATELY email basketballacademy@outlook.com and tell us you registered and what your EXACT USERNAME is. The entire process is only a minute or two of your time! The NBA Forum is our board's hot spot, but also post daily opinions in your favorite team's forum. The founder and editor of Basketball Academy posts here daily! Share your views! And spread the word. Bring your friends to the Basketball Academy forums.

First, I need to  remind you that this is a social forum and here racizm is not allowed.
- No spaming in posts.
- No cursing each other.
- No double posting.
- Hot links not allowed (including pornographic content)
- If you're trying to post a code, the rule is that you type this first [.code][/code] (without a dot).
- If you're trying to contact with the administrator, send him a PM message(Forum feature) or e-mail him at basketballacademy@outlook.com.

So, Guest these were the basic rules of our forum, if you respect these than we respect you.
If it is not clear than I mention it again, feel free to share your feelings, ideas and you can reply at each other posts for more commeting.
This forum is a social forum, we hope that Basketball fans and even players will join us!
Thank you for paying atttention! Have a good time.

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